Business today requires a constant evaluation of return on investment and marketing departments can be a very expensive gamble. Some work well while the majority offer a few new ideas, a great deal of repetition and substantially more overhead. What’s the alternative? 

At FrontRunner Marketing, we know that and bridge the gap with our Corporate Solutions package. 

With the Corporate Solutions program, I'll provide you with full time, dedicated service to handle everything your marketing arm would otherwise do. Broad consultative areas such as corporate evaluations, fiscal analysis, competitive research, P&L, growth strategies and public relations right down to the hands-on applications of creating web sites, ads, and brochures, etc. – the list is endless!

You receive the benefit of a full time, marketing division at a fraction of the cost. What's the catch? To make this work well for both of us, I perform your marketing duties but on a schedule which is likely inconsistant. That means some days I'll be in the office while others I will not. But either way, the position still falls underneath your purview and the work still gets done with optimum results.

Since we can be as affordable a $500 per week (with an equity position), the cost of such an arrangement can save your company as much as $100,000 a year. Best of all, if or when you no longer want these services, the arrangements can be terminated at any time.* No Human Resource issues, no salary issues, no vacation issues, no 401k matching issues, no insurance issues, no sick-time issues, - NOTHING! 

The process is easy. Simply give me a call. We'll discuss your needs and budget and determine which route provides you with the best value. Once that's done, we make our arrangements to get started. You’ll receive exceptional results at an even more exceptional price.

  *Formally concluded at the end of the existing month. Written notice required.
If equity position exists, it remains unless otherwise contracted.

Regardless of what phase you're in, we're here to help.  Call me today and see how together, we can make success the protocol rather than just the objective.

 Just one more way we at Frontrunner Marketing are...
always a step ahead.

Here’s just a few of the benefits you'll receive:

Full time dedicated marketing professional
with none of the associated overhead:

- no high salary to pay for
- no bonus to pay for
- no health insurance to pay for
- no social security to pay for
- no sick time to pay for
- no 401k matching to pay for
- no unemployment to pay for
- no vacation to pay for
- no software to pay for
- no computer to pay for
- no office supplies to pay for
- no office to pay for
- no phone extension to pay for
- no scheduling to worry about
- no Human Resource issues to worry about

A team environment to provide the latest
of technologies

A team environment to provide critical
feedback of real-world opinion

A team environment to provide unique
design concepts and ideas

With our Corporate Solutions package, we’ll provide you with powerful solutions to your marketing needs  - and for far less expense than you would pay a full time employee!

Salary and or equity - whatever works best for us both!

Don't wait - call FrontRunner today!

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